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Van Heusen’s high quality, innovative business shirts are carefully selected to provide consumers with world trend seasonal patterns and colours plus styling options in either our latest contemporary European range as well as timeless basics in their traditional selection available at almost any Van Heusen Outlet.

Offering multiple sleeve lengths in easy care or natural fabrics at affordable prices reinforces why Van Heusen shirts are amongst the worlds most popular business shirts.

Van Heusen shirts were imported in small quantities from England from the 1930’s and a manufacturing plant was established in Melbourne in the mid 60’s to meet the growing demand for the brand here in Australia.

2003 marked a radical change in direction for the brand when future development concentrated on the younger marketplace, and the highly successful release of our European Cut body silhouette later that year heralded the change. This was a departure from our Full Cut product aimed at mid age consumers that has been our traditional market for decades.

Van Heusen Outlet European Cut shirts are more tailored; patterns are bolder and styling more contemporary. This new focus will be reflected across all extensions of the brand by building a younger base. However, the more conservative established customer will not be forgotten as the core component of our range will be maintained to service that client.

As well as the above, our product range is becoming more diversified with tailored clothing and women’s shirts due for release in Summer 2006. Also available are ties and belts, small leather goods, men’s fragrances and skin care, footwear and socks.

The Van Heusen Outlet brand is now also importantly linked to the international human rights movement via our USA licensor and all factories manufacturing any of our products must comply to a strict code of audited conditions. These encompass amongst other issues, minimum wages, hours of work, freedom of association, non-discrimination, no forced or child labour, health and safety standards plus environmental conditions.

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